client OQQSA
08/ 2020

The wine, the glass, the label of a wine bottle have always attracted me. Hours I could wander through wine racks in the shop – touching the bottles, enjoying their forms and steering at labels. Their peculiar mixture of typography and graphics should hint the taste… or probably the experience?! Years I dreamt to design wine label, but halas! With time I realized the wine industry is quite closed world and in practice it is impossible accidentally one to enter there. Still, one day my telephone start ringing…

Resolutions – merlot, coupage and chardonnay wines

The story how my many years longings became reality is shockingly trivial. A client’s of mine company celebrates 30 years jubilee and I received the task to create a series of five labels for white, red, sparkling wines and Peline (Bulgarian traditional white or red wine infused in herbs and fruits) under name Resolutions.

Google dictionary excerpt

This name choice is not at all arbitrary – the word is closely related to company’s work area, but in the same time hides so many meanings and nuances, just like myriad hues of old red wine.

Resolutions – grappa, peline and sparkling wines

My client was certain the label has to be stylish and minimalist, without no gold and glitter, firmly focused on company’s jubilee, for which I designed a special logo at the beginning of 2020.

No wine can be regarded as unimportant, my friend, since the marriage at Cana.
— Graham Greene