client Iana tour
01/ 2019

MERUDIA (meaning aromatic herbs/ spices/parsley) is an initiative of Ianatour, based in Sofia Bulgaria. They want to start an online magazine focused on latest events and news in culture, travel and lifestyle topics targeting mainly women (but not only) between 20 – 40. The client also wanted the logo to imply in a subtle way the Bulgarian saying “For every pot – a spice”. The phrase speaks for someone messing around in (or knowing) everything.

For every pot – a spice.
— Bulgarian proverb


It was quite a surprise to know this word is one of a few with two different spelling – merO/Udia. Unfortunately the client was already booked the domain name and my geometric “O” dreams was over.

The word “merudia” comes from Greek and in Bulgarian has got 3 meanings:

  • Aromatic herbs used in cooking.
  • Mix of flavors.
  • Parsley

Following Greek trace I see RODI (ρόδι) derives from Ancient Greek and means “nice flavor” but the same root use the words pomegranate and the color red/rose.

Dictionary of foreign words in Bulgarian language

the concept

Main problem in creating the mark was how to show this is an online media. While was analyzing the typography found an interesting feature of the word.

If we hide for a moment the central syllable ru we read “media”.

What a chance – what I was trying to add was already here in the logotype – MEruDIA is a ME_DIA. What lasts was finding a way visually divide the central syllable from the whole word.

color scheme

My first approach was to go with natural earthy colors because of the meaning of the word – parsley/ spices. Later on Greek and Persian roots came as natural and best choice. Bold red hue implements best the passion and temperament of the future magazine.