fairytalez app

07/ 2020

IN THE SUMMER OF 2020 I started new adventure with fairytalez. Latest initiative, but also an old ambition of the owner was to create story telling app with the best fairy tales and stories from the website and those included in fairytalez book collection (books 1, 2, 3, books 4, 5).

Soon the library of the app (under iOS and Adroid) started to grow bigger and bigger. My task was to create all category images needed in the style established with fairytalez book collection. Then I created all imagery needed for presenting the app in App store as well as a new logo mark of the brand.

Cover based on Walter Crane’s illustrations
Cover based on Beatrix Potter’s illustrations
Cover based on antique Chinese pottery and graphics
Used motives from Brown Fairy Tales Book cover, 1908
Nardini, New York : Maxton, 19–
Fragments of G. Süs’ illustration, 1878
Illustration Jennie Harbour
Land of enchantment by Norman Rockwell, 1932
East of the Sun, West of the Moon, Kay Nielsen, 1914
Fairytalez app icon