fairytalez collection

2019, 2020

FORTH AND FIFTH BOOKS of Fairytalez collection (explore first 3 books of the collection) are my favourite ones. You can buy full collection (English language) at Amazon.

chinese tales

The rich tapestry of Chinese stories can’t be ignored, especially as these tales still captivate today, brimming with wisdom and lessons. Stories from China include explanations of nature, moral lessons, and adventure stories.

Chinese fairy tales have been passed down through generations for years and are still powerful representations of their culture.

creation tales

Some of the most persistent stories throughout various cultures are creation tales and myths. These beloved tales share how life began. They answer questions about the origins of the sun, the moon, and why we have seasons. Creation stories come from around the world and are often told by indigenous people.

These imaginative narratives are an important part of the world culture and religious beliefs.