copista LED box


WHEN A PROJECT finishes I often wonder – how did it come up like this? What were the paths we wander and why they always stays strange and unpredictable? Our deeds remain still recognizable from all the influences, technical frames and limitations, but the amalgam of everything we put inside ends up as an entirely new entity. At the end your creation takes alone its way and becomes a starting point or path of somebody else’s creative process.

That’s what happened with Copista LED box – born from nothingness and necessity but then, dare to cooperation with MetroNet engineers grew up to refine and sophisticated product – reliable assistant to designers, calligraphers and artists in Bulgaria in their own steep ways to perfection.

Copista LED box A3


It all started with a present while I was working on an e-commerce website of our future partner – a leading Bulgarian manufacturer of industrial LED lamps. Once he asked me “What kind of lamp do you prefer – exterior or interior one?” and for great surprise of mine he gave me one. This present dusted in a basket for a while.

The best-known way to trace a picture is on a window… if only you don’t mind of ending up with no hands. That’s why during my student years I often dismounted my mom’s cupboard vitrage and made them working as light table. One day, downed on the memory and utterly upset of senseless pain in my arms, got an carton and soon it turned out in the most laughable handmade LED box in the world. My gift lamp lighted up at last.

how copista was born

At one of our next meeting George Dimitrov, the manager of the company, asked if I like the lamp. I showed him my new paper LED box and (despite his wide opened eyes) in my return offered him a small gift – the idea and support if he decide to do it. Not much later he offered me a partnership – our part became design, testing and all branding and marketing stuff, MetroNet took responsibility for manufacturing and commercial part of the enterprise.

Five or six months later Copista LED box was introduced on Bulgarian market.

research and design

Research clearly showed two distinctive product types:

  • Low light LED pads in A4 or lower size, created mainly for kids and amateurs. Competitors – known and unknown Chines manufacturers.
  • LED pads for professionals – size A3 or bigger, big light power, long life of light emitters, smooth light control, independent power supply etc. Competitors – renown American and Japanese companies.

We focused our efforts in creating a product at the level of professional LED pads, but keeping price accessible for artists in Bulgaria.

step by step

It’s great to devote yourself on something entirely and deeply, but working simultaneously on several projects also has its benefits – every time you’re back you see the task with new eyes, what keeps you away from digging deeply (often) in a wrong direction.

To refine a product is not an easy task even for people with many years experience in their trade. Specifics in creative process of artists have their requirements and suitable technical solutions were coming step by step.

Every next prototype I tested for lettering, calligraphy, logo design and graphic composition in my real projects for different clients. Every new attempt suggested us new ideas and clever technical solutions. For example the possibility to paint water colour directly on the light pad came by chance (working on a wine tag) and became reality in the pace of testing.

The fifth prototype (if we count my LED carton) granted all of our requirements and became the first LED pad for tracing, made in Bulgaria.

Image tracing – 2x300g paper

branding and achievements

It is not my first time to give a name, but now the final word had the team. Here is how the resonant Italian word copista (a man copying manuscripts), became the name of our LED pad.

Logotype, colour scheme and the whole web presentation were tailored to match the main characteristics of our new product – modest in requirement for environment it works, robust, bright and endowed with longevity.