xs artists

07/ 2016

XS ARTISTS is a school founded in 2014 by Bulgarian musicians Maria Stoianova (piano), Stoicho Stoianov (guitar) and Adriana Nikolova – Pe4enkata (beatbox, in fact she is awarded the best female beatboxer in the world).

Talented artists devote all their knowledge and love to their (mainly) young students. Here is where origins the prefix “XS” in their name. Yeah, they could be Extra Small Artists in age but some of the kids already have gain their place in Sofia musical events.

the task

Initially we were commissioned to develop some missing pages and features in their website and fix the bugs. Their website misperformed quite badly so we offer the client to replace it temporary with a splash page.

The client loved this “coming soon” page so much and gained so good response that asked us to redesign their entire website in the style of our temporary page.


It’s rare to meet a client possessing tones beautiful pictures and videos. In fact this happens for a first time in my career.

These wonderful pictures deserved attention. Nothing speaks better than spiritual eyes of an youngster proudly playing AC/DC reefs.

If you cannot teach me to fly, teach me to sing.
― Peter Pan


Website had three core tasks: present the school to prospects, inform students and their parents for news and events and promote the latest projects of the students and their teachers.

Teachers alone were meant to manage web content so we needed intuitive and easy for work interface. All this made us prefer WordPress as a good and reliable solution.

ready website


The school is very successful. Classrooms are busy and soon the founders had to book more space to meet the interest. The website became XS artists’ first step to those big world of music and magic out there.

Where words fail, music speaks.”
― Hans Christian Andersen