infotour belogradchik

04/ 2016

ASSOCIATION OF BULGARIAN TOUR GUIDES once in a year organizes info tour for introducing and
presenting new tourist attractions and accomodations in certain regions (mainly) in Bulgaria. We have the opportunity to participate in 2016 infotour (powered by the Municipaly Belogradchik too) with focus on Northwest part of the country and extended to the region around THE IRON GATE (Danube river gorge) in Serbia.

our task

Our task was document presented tourist accommodations and attractions so the pictures could be used in marketing and advertising materials. We created a photo album organised in two parts – first one for visited places in Bulgarian (Torlatsi region) and the second one showing other opportunities in Serbia.

torlatsi region/ bulgaria

The region is arguably the weakest and underdeveloped in the country but also the most preserved and authentic been left apart with decades from economics and hectic “modern” lifestyle.

The area dynamic surface combains mountains and hills spiced up with spectacular rock formations, magnificent caves, mineral springs and lakes.


The area is inhabited from prehistoric times and in Magura cave visitors could see pictures made 10,000 years B.C. There are also well preserved and open for visitors Roman and Medieval remains.

Local people have unique folklore, food (mainly vegetarian) and traditions that put aditional charm in the destination. Belogradchik (White city) region is one of the memorable wine destinations. Some of the finest wines sleep and mature in Borovitsa cellars and Magura cave.

We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.
— Eduardo Galeano

the challenge

The schedule of the Infotour was laden to the extreme with events starting from 10 a.m. till literally midnight. Every time changing conditions, the light (or its missing especially in the caves), limited time and crowd around added additional pressure to our task.

It feels good to be lost in the right direction.”

the album

Everywhere we met people inspired and devoted to local traditions, nature and history – real people, enjoying life and welcoming us the strangers to share the joy to see, to taste and to remember.

Local people keep strong connections with their land and ancient culture what impressed us so much. Hopefully our images would evoke bits of this exclusive experience.

the result

I am happy this infotour and our work already helps the region gaining its deserved place in Bulgarian travel industry.

And feel even happier because more and more tour operators include Belogradchik region in their portfolios so we all could experience this unique mixture of nature, culture and help local people get better and prosper future.

3 Days Infotour
900+ km Traveled
17 Attraction & Amenities
399 Photos Curated in 2 Albums