04 - 03/ 2016

HUBER TECHNOLOGY represents the worldwide leader in the field of water, wastewater and sludge
treatment German company HUBER SE in Bulgaria.

First website of Bulgarian representative was done many years ago almost at the beginning of my career as a freelancer. The core of website is an online catalog presenting manufacturer production. Every product page contains many brochures presenting the product and also different solutions for using it. The need of redesign was sheer but in the same time the old site had robust and convenient structure for users and the manager was eager to keep it.

the challenge

Huber is a corporation with rigid brand requirements. We had to find a way to blend brand demands with established for local Bulgarian customers structures and layouts.

Responsive design, great UX and easy to maintain was a must for the future website.

Time showed us that main problem in maintaining website comes from huge amount of broshures attached throughout the web pages. We needed a clever algorithm to do this faster and eliminate possibility of mistakes.


Аdapting exsisting structure of the website to the new brand style as well as designing new functionality and UI was our first steps.

Going forth and back desktop and mobile screens started to emerge. Typography was also an issue. Huber brand font Frutiger don’t have Cyrillic so was cast a test for suitable substitutions.


Website was fully developed under WordPress. Special software took care for maintainig and distribute product broshures.

After several tests was cast PT font family as closest to brand fonts and best web rendering.

Subtle changes compared to German version of website was introduced in design.

finished project

2 weeks after the launch traffic twofolded in size. Time spent on website increased by 300% reaching almost 10 min/ visit. This gives a chance to the nature!

The question is… the nature probably has time…
but do WE and OUR KIDS still have?

Smog above Sofia, BG sometimes stays still for two weeks. Deep down the poison sea bread 2 million people.