01 - 02/ 2015 is a personal business initiative of Doriana Kraynova – an historian and philologist
by education, with years experience in advertising (here is how we met each other), passioned about those quircky and rare beauty in life, intellectual and eccentric people, food, wine and culture. We met throughout the work but with the time we found our mutual interests and befriended. It was honor and pleasure to design this small website for her.

The website name is a playful combination of German words Deutsche and schule (meaning German & school), enforcing the purpose of the website – a teacher offering individual language lessons in German. Doriana targets those special children inteligent but bored by traditionalism in schools, problematic kids and teenagers – good, curious and clever by nature but hardly finding understanding and support at home and at school.

the challenge

We needed design overlapping Doriana’s personal character with her future students and their parrents too. We needed a form communicating directly and laconically her proposal and credentials just the way her students do.

Modern, responsive and open were key feautures.

Mood board included those whimsical things teenagers keep in their pockets. One page scrolling website was what would work best.


Content was fully created by Doriana. The text was divided by sections. Every section was carefully currated with graphical elements refraining the text and reinforcing the key messages with subtle animations, typographic or graphic accents.


Muted color scheme, special icons and graphitti inspired display typography was key design elements.

Website was developed under WordPress. Every section is responsive and dynamic smoothly working no matter the screen.

For less than a year business capacity of website owner was fully engaged and she even found herself declining work.

This one page website gave a chance to a talented teacher and future to her students!

Passion and professionalism always make the difference. But when we talk for our kids’ education, consequences are huge and sometimes for a life. I ’m happy our work makes it possible someone somewhere to experience it.