bulcomers ks


BULCOMERS KS LTD offers different military and civilian equipment. Besides international trade activities the company designs and implements different technical systems and platforms for observation, reconnaissance, control, navigation etc.


We were asked to redesign their visual identity and their website. Key words best describing the company are:

Dynamic, Versatile, Mindful

construction & geometry

Base shape of the logo is an equilateral triangle repeated nine times. Building triangles are orientated either upright either turned down in order to follow four elements symbolism.

Base measure of length “a” keeps harmony between the mark, its inner elements and logotype in every scale.


Preexisted logo exploited ancient Judeo/ Christian and much later medieval alchemy symbolism of four matter elements: fire, earth, water and air what the client wanted to keep.

Refinements added inner meaning and texture in the outer triangle and set color scheme depicted by contemporary military tradition. Logotype had to work well in both Cyrillic as well as Latin letters.