маслините цъфтят в пелион

MAY 2017

YEARS AGO WE TRAVELED TO CORFU in late May and since then didn’t believe there is a place
on Earth that beautiful in that particular time. We landed in Pelion region by sheer chance. This time Miss Fortuna met us ready to show the best of the best preserved with not ages but generations. There is a saying gods work on Olimpus but take a rest on Pelion. So true!

afternoons with focus on photography

2017 turned out the most busy year I have ever had with great and wonderful projects. But hard work tends to worn out as nothing else so before we’ll be drained to the last we took a 10 days change of the work place. The other thing was we wanted to move our photography experience on plain air on our own pace. This essay is the result of our plays and my particular passions of that peculiar place.

put one foot in front of another

The region is heaven for people enjoying more active tourism. Tens of walking routs very well marked cross the peninsula and its cost.

Walks are pleasent and easy but take much much more time than indications because the beauty holds you back and wow slows your pace down.

All walking is discovery.
On foot we take the time to see things whole.”
– Hal Borland

A dear friend of ours while in his vacation in Lefcada island, Greece skyped me “I firmly believe they put bluish dye in the sea to get that colour” but when we saw waters of Pelion we knew where they take the dice from :))))

Take a walk on the wild side.”
– Lou Reed

All walking is discovery.”
– Matthew Henry

No problem is so formidable that you can’t walk away from it.”
– Charles M. Schulz

Double Fantasy
Oh, That Blue

cats and dogs and other animals

In Corfu our hostess Rena had a lovely red furry cat. One day I asked her what’s the name of the pet. “Psychorino” answered she smiling. “In Greece we call them that way if they don’t have another name.” I fail to hear well the word (Psychia means “soul” in Greek) so opted for the closest sounding word that came into mind – “Santorini?!”. Rena laughed a lot and since that day cat got the name Santorini and we… we call every cat in Greece Psychorini :).

In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods;
they have not forgotten this.”
– Terry Pratchett

Cat’s fur is full of fallen olive blossom.
Life is everywhere, full of color and charm…

higher and higher

The mountain and the sea have been always different things in my mind as separate as black and white and good and evil. Here I see them as both parts of the wholeness.

1000m above the sea…
Before the rain…